Classroom Rental


Looking for a professional and comfortable setting for your next presentation?

Classroom Rental is available at Full Circle Wellness Center!

FLEXIBLE RENTAL OPTIONS. Our 1200 square foot classroom is available for rent by the hour or day, for educational purposes including seminars, workshops, business meetings, continuing education courses or professional events.

COMFORTABLE & FUNCTIONAL. Our rolling tables each have their own power supply, and can be configured into a variety of arrangements, or wheeled to the side of the room to allow for floor space. Our cushioned rolling chairs have adjustable height & armrests. A large dry erase board is mounted on the wall, and a podium is positioned at the front of the room. The room has it's own thermostat, so temperature can be controlled independently. The bathroom is conveniently located next to the classroom.

HIGH TECH EQUIPMENT. Audio-Video equipment is available for rent, including a top-of-the-line wireless projector and dongle that can allow for connection to any device, electronic screen, laser pointer & slide show remote, along with free internet access.

CONVENIENT LOCATION. Our facility is located close to nearby hotels, and is easy to get to from I-25 and Paseo del Norte. There are also many restaurants to choose from in the area! 

$300/day or $50/hour

For more information on reserving your event, contact Alfredo Hernandez at 505-306-6553 or

The process to rent the classroom is as follows: 

1. Contact our Classroom Manager, Alfredo Hernandez at 505-306-6553 to request a date.

2. A Rental Worksheet as well as Rental Policies & Guidelines will be emailed to you. 

3. Fill out and sign the Rental Worksheet, and Rental Policies & Guidelines form. 

4. Once your event details are confirmed, a Rental Agreement will be emailed to you. 

5. Submit the completed and signed Rental Agreement, along with the total rental amount, plus damage deposit, in order to reserve the date for your event.