Spa Etiquette
Full Circle Wellness Center always welcomes walk in appointments as long as our therapists and service providers have openings in their schedules. To ensure that an appointment is reserved for you we recommend booking in advance. We will be taking Credit card or Gift certificate information on all booked appointments.

Our service providers always take into consideration your valuable time and give their all to being on time and giving you the best experience possible. Please consider the time of your service provider and arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to relax with some tea and fill out the necessary paper work for your treatment. Should you need to cancel, Full Circle Wellness Center requires an advanced notice of 24 hours.

Gratuity is not required, but is most appreciated! 15%-20% is generally standard on spa services. Gratuities can be left in the form of credit card, cash or check, it is not included in the cost of your service. We thank you very much in advance! super visa insurance
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
770 Capital

Myofascial trigger point therapy is a comprehensive rehabilitative treatment approach designed to treat myofascial pain, which addresses structural distortions and movement dysfunction within the muscle (myo), and connective tissue structures (fascia) within the body. 

After conducting a thorough patient history, pain patterns are charted, movement assessments are performed, and structural assessments are conducted.  

Restrictions and dysfunction within the connective tissue are treated, in order to restore optimal neurological function and tissue hydration to the superficial & deep fascia layers, ligaments, joint capsules, as well as scar tissue. Myofascial trigger points are released utilizing compression on the trigger point during static, passive or active movement. 

Vapocoolant spray & stretch, muscle energy techniques, combined with passive, active and PNF stretches help to encourage the joints to return to their correct position, and the soft tissues to return to their normal resting length and function. Precipitating and perpetuating factors are addressed, and appropriate corrective home exercises are recommended.

$50/30 minutes • $100/Hour