Spa Etiquette
Full Circle Wellness Center always welcomes walk in appointments as long as our therapists and service providers have openings in their schedules. To ensure that an appointment is reserved for you we recommend booking in advance. We will be taking Credit card or Gift certificate information on all booked appointments.

Our service providers always take into consideration your valuable time and give their all to being on time and giving you the best experience possible. Please consider the time of your service provider and arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to relax with some tea and fill out the necessary paper work for your treatment. Should you need to cancel, Full Circle Wellness Center requires an advanced notice of 24 hours.

Gratuity is not required, but is most appreciated! 15%-20% is generally standard on spa services. Gratuities can be left in the form of credit card, cash or check, it is not included in the cost of your service. We thank you very much in advance! super visa insurance
Beauty Services
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We offer a variety of effective cellulite treatments that are FDA approved and get results!  Treatments are conducted 1 to 2 times per week for a total of 16 to 20 treatments, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. 

Synergie Cellulite Treatment

FDA approved treatment for cellulite! Also improves elasticity of the skin, reduces myofacial pain, and is very detoxifying for the lymphatic system. Series of 16 to 20 treatments recommended. This is a full-body treatment that is best combined with ultrasonic and/or photo rejuvenation for those specific problem areas. (As seen in Oprah Magazine.)
$50 per 30 minute treatment

Ultrasonic Cellulite Treatment

Ultrasonic frequencies penetrate into the adipose layers, and affect the outer cell wall of the fat cell. Additionally, ultrasonic waves tremendously improve scar tissue and stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen. This spot treatment addresses specific areas effected by cellulite, loose skin and/or stretch marks, such as the midsection, hips/buttocks, backs of the thighs, or the arms.  Ultrasound is best combined with Synergie and/or Photo Rejuvenation Cellulite Treatment.
$50 per 30 minute treatment

Photo Rejuvenation Cellulite Treatment

Red & Infrared light penetrates through the skin and into the adipose layers to increase the extensibility of collagen fibers, accelerate local metabolism, improve lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and remove toxins. This spot treatment smoothes skin texture and improves skin resilience. Best combined with Synergie and/or ultrasonic.

$50 per 30 minute treatment


Lash & Brow Tint
$25 Lashes or Brows

Cirepil waxes are recognized worldwide as the finest in distinctive low temperature depilatory products. Available in both Strip and Strip-less waxes, Cirepil facilitates exceptional hair removal services from brows to Brazilians surpassing all expectations!

• Cirepil maintains the integrity of skin. 
• It is the most trusted name in professional wax products! 
• Gentle low temperature wax, applied very close to skin temperature. 
• Innovative shrink wrap technology surpasses all waxes on the market. 
• Less sticky and cleaner than traditional waxes. 
• The beauty to choose formula variations most suitable for your individual needs. 
• Gentle hair removal system. 
• Superior anti-irritant ingredients to ensure less inflammation. 

Facial Waxing
Brow                                25
Lip                                    15
Chin                                 15
Cheek                              20
Full Face                          60